The Kinetics (ages 18m-2)

Filled with energy and movement, our smallest artists need an art class that celebrates their unbridled enthusiasm and wonder. Sometimes there is finished art to take home, but more often, this class exposes students to all kinds of sensory play and experimentation without the added pressure of a final or finished product. The forty-five-minute class is broken into three sections that alternate between artmaking, storytelling, singing, dancing, and an exploration zone, often based on an overarching theme (fish, weather, rainbows, for a few examples).

The Expressionists (ages 3-4)
For our littlest artists, the Expressionist workshop is an exploration-based art experience designed to encourage independent thought and decision making while building a mindset of creativity in children ages 3-4. We will focus on the art making process as we paint, sculpt, draw, tape, glue, print, photograph, and make lots of purposeful messes. Classes are often supplemented with book readings and story telling, and always aim to teach children about specific art making skills as well as relevant art history. In an effort to meet children in their own world, contemporary artists are regularly featured alongside the great masters of the past. Expressionist workshops are one hour in length.
The Impressionists (ages 5-7)
Designed for early elementary students chomping at the bit to use their new-found skills and knowledge, this class fosters a love of making through gently facilitated individual and group projects. Students will learn about exciting new art materials, challenge their fine motor skills and concentration, and learn about the different ways in which art is a language and an expression of ideas. We’ll paint and draw, work in large and small formats, sculpt, sew, print, photograph and more. Each class will incorporate skill building, art history components, and plenty of (supported) independent decision making. Impressionist workshops are one hour in length.
The Surrealists (ages 8-11)
Everything is a mystery to explore at this age, and our Surrealist workshops embrace the innate “how does it work?” curiosity of late elementary aged kids. In addition to using all the tried and true materials, we experiment with new art tools and processes and “play” a lot. Our projects will tackle new ideas about art as well, demonstrating how art can take on social issues, reflect our history, and be a celebration of our humanity. Through this process, we’ll look at the work of both contemporary and historical artists. Students will also explore the art of other cultures through their own culturally inspired artwork ,and projects will grow in complexity to challenge students’ burgeoning art skills. Surrealist workshops are one hour and fifteen minutes.
The Romantics (ages 12-14)
Ah middle school, an age where ones perceived place in the social heirarchy begins to unfold, where feelings are no longer just feelings, but make-or-break, end-all-be-all, LIFE OR DEATH emotions! Oh, and you’re still kind of a kid, too. Aptly named the Romantics, these art workshops are tailored to kids who are finding their place in the world around them, and eager to explore the new social dynamics of their every day. We will explore themes of relationship, social justice and identity, among others, as we create artworks that focus on the development of artistic skills alongside independent decision making and personal style. New, more advanced materials will be introduced including charcoals, acrylic paint on canvas, lino and woodcut printmaking, and more. Workshops at this age increase in duration to an hour and a half to allow for larger, more complex projects.
The Realists (ages 15-18)
With a strong working knowledge of artistic concepts, historical context, and skills to build on, high school aged students can now turn inward as they develop a sense of personal style in their artwork, and identity in themselves.  Provided with a starting place and support for the development of ideas, skills, and execution, personal choice will be paramount as students develop a body of work that best reflects their intentions, thought process, and motivations. We will explore new art materials including oil on canvas,  performance art, “street ” art, digital art, and more. As an imperative part of the advanced artistic process, students will participate in group critiques and be given guidance and encouragement on the creation of written artist statements. Students will also be coached on the creation of portfolios for college admissions as well as direction for submitting their work to shows. Workshops at this age increase in duration to two hours to allow for larger, more complex projects.

There are several options when signing up for classes at Dancing Crayons Workshop. Students in EVERY class get the same level of instruction, lesson planning, and enthusiasm, and for this reason, we require that students enroll at least 24 hours ahead of time so we are prepared to offer the best class possible. Class enrollment is subject to availability, so sign up early!


CLASSES: 1-2 hours in length, depending on student age

SESSIONS: (4) weeks in length

SEASONS: (12) weeks in length

CLASS CASH: Available in $10 increments to be applied toward the cost of any class. Restrictions apply*

Students may elect to enroll in a single class, a session, or a complete season. Or, if you want more flexibility, purchase Class Cash, which is transferable between family members and friends (some restrictions apply).

At the culmination of each season, students enrolled in either a session or a season will have the opportunity to present their artwork at a show hosted by the studio or at a local venue. Students are welcome to attend sessions and seasons back to back, and a discount of 5% is available for those who enroll with autopay. Payment is due upon enrollment. Session and season students may also attend Open Studio hours for free!

For more specific information on payment, refunds, and missed class policies, please visit our FAQ.