Well, the grand opening of Dancing Crayons Workshop lived up to its name- a grand time was had by all! Joined by several neighborhood families with kids ages 1-12, it was inspiring to see how each young artist interacted with the art materials and created artworks based on their personality and ability level.

Thanks to everyone who joined us, spread the word, and made some art! We are excited to launch our first week of classes next week and can’t wait to see what our students create.

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Happy artmaking everyone!



Sculpture Station

At the sculpture station, we had a blast building small-scale sculptures with all sorts of materials: styrofoam, toilet paper rolls, beads, feathers, crazy papers, and craft sticks to name a few. For students needing a place to start, an idea jar provided open-ended prompts ranging from robots to birds and sea life. Artists created everything from Thor’s hammer to a delicate peacock and even a solar “oven”. For the big kids, glue guns upped the anty and made more complex forms possible.

The Easels

Easels with white paper and paint at the ready? Perpetually engaging and endlessly fun, there were no rules here, just put the brush/stamp/roller to the paper and see what happens! Students rose to the occasion and created some truly lovely artworks.

Spray, Squirt, Splat!

From the little kids to the big kids, Spray, Squirt, Splat was a hit! Armed with watercolor sprayers, tempera squirt bottles, and cotton balls soaked with paint for throwing or smushing, the kids, loved the expressive, whole-body experience of this station and really went for it. The colorful outcomes were amazing!