Terms & Conditions

By using our website, https://dancingcrayonsworkshop.com, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions stated herein.

  1. We want to foster a community of mutually respectful exchanges at Dancing Crayons Workshop. For that reason, we allow comments on our blog posts and reviews of our services because we feel it is important to hear your feedback so we can grow as a company, as well as to provide a platform for friends and family to celebrate the hard work of their artists. We will not tolerate abusive language, hurtful comments, or disrespectful exchanges. We reserve the right to block comments, reviews and the users who create them if they violate any of these policies. Should you have an issue you feel demands our attention, we ask that you contact us directly to address the problem. Art is a beautiful language which allows us to discuss some of the more challenging topics in our world in a safe space. Let’s follow that example and show our community and our children how to have true, respectful discourse that honors everyone at the table.
  2. At Dancing Crayons Workshop, we work very hard to provide you with thoughtful, original, and well-researched lessons and course content. When we borrow ideas, images, or information from fellow artists, websites, and institutions, we do so with permission and make sure to reference them and give them credit here. We ask that you do the same. Everything you see posted here on Dancing Crayons Workshop is copyright and owned by Dancing Crayons Workshop unless otherwise stated, including but not limited to all logo, branding, images, and written content. We would be honored to have you share our images or lesson ideas, all we ask is that you ask first and provide a link back so we receive credit for all the hard work we put into creating that content. For lessons posted with instructions, we provide social media friendly, downloadable PDFs for your convenience and ask that you not copy and paste.

Privacy Policy

We want you to feel comfortable sharing your information with us. We won’t give it to anyone, ever (unless the courts come a’ calling… then we have to, it’s the law). The limited information we take on our website, including your name, email address and interest in art classes is only used for Dancing Crayons Workshop’s regular course of business including contacting you and enrolling in our workshops. We will not provide your personal information to anyone without your expressed written consent. Payment information is processed in-person, securely through the Square Point of Sale iOS app and unless given written consent for the creation of an account and storing of credit card information (for recurring payments) your financial information is not stored. We have also protected our website using an SSL certificate for an added level of security.  

Refund, Cancellation & Sick Policy

1. You may request to cancel your class for a full refund, up to 48 hours before the date and time of the class. Cancellations between 25-48 hours before the event may be transferred to a different date/time of the same class with approval. Cancellation requests made within 24 hours of the class date/time may not receive a refund or a transfer.

2. Kids get sick, we get it. They should stay home and get better! We offer a one-time sick day where, with at least some notice , we’ll transfer the class to the end of your (4) or (12) week session so you don’t miss out on some great art-making. If we receive no notice or notice after the class has started, you will be charged for the class. This policy is only valid for students currently enrolled in a (4) or (12) week session.

3. If registering for a (4) or (12) week pack of classes, classes are held consecutively, reoccurring on the same day and time each week (ie. Wednesdays at 1:00 pm), beginning on the date specified on your receipt or confirmation email. Any exceptions for holidays or studio closures will be noted on your receipt or in a separate email. We do this to allow our students the opportunity to create projects spanning more than one class, which offers a huge benefit in terms of complexity, delayed gratification, and wow factor!

4. If canceling an entire pack of classes, the above policy is in effect for the first class in the pack, with the remaining classes refunded at a prorated rate.

5. When you register and/or purchase a single class or class pack of (4) or (12) classes, you agree to all of these terms.