• Art-making encourages self-expression and supports individual learning styles
  • Small class sizes ensure individual attention and student support
  • Project content is adaptable and can be designed with parent involvement to support at-home themes and concepts
  • Group pricing is available for homeschooling groups and co-ops (minimum of 4 students)
  • As needed, art lessons can be aligned with state and federal standard
  • Daytime classes are available to meet homeschooling schedules
  • Parent involvement is encouraged!
Dear Homeschoolers,
There are so many reasons parents decide to homeschool their kids: Some want better control over the content of their children’s education, some are looking for a more child-specific approach that takes into account differences in personality, learning styles, and ability levels, and still others seek to remove their kids from potentially harmful learning environments. Whatever the reason, the task of taking on your child’s education is no small feat, so kudos parents for choosing to support your kids in this hands-on, relationship-growing endeavor. Truly, what you’re doing is incredible!
At Dancing Crayons Workshop, we seek to provide art education that aligns with all of these parent goals. We pride ourself in the ways we support learning of all kinds. Our lessons teach art skills like painting, drawing, sculpting, and visual literacy,  but we also strive to foster the soft skills of becoming a whole-thinking, empathetic, curious, human being that is the maker of his or her own story.
Our lessons are robust, well researched, and FUN! Designed to be developmentally appropriate for the age and ability level of each student, we pull ideas from all the amazing things this world has to offer our kids. We ourselves are curious- we want to know why and how bees pollinate, why the impressionists chose to paint in the style they did, how new advancements in technology are changing the way we think about the bionic man. Art is a way to process and respond to all of these concepts and we would love to share this experience with your family or homeschooling group.
So give us a call to schedule a time to talk about your unique homeschooling goals and how Dancing Crayons Workshop can support you!
With Love,