Class Cash works just like a gift card. It can be purchased in your name, or in the name of a someone else if you’d like to give it as a gift. Transferable between immediate family members, Class Cash offers flexibility for siblings to sign up for the right workshop for their age without having to commit to a full session or season. Class Cash can also be shared with friends as long as a member of the purchasing family is present.

Class Cash may be used to purchase a session or a season of classes with associated pricing (see tables below), however, for those students signing up for one class at a time, full price applies.

Per California state law, your Class Cash never expires, but we strongly encourage you to use it in the first year for the best availability of classes. Being a small studio, we try to keep our classes full and Class Cash purchases are factored into our annual planning. That said, we want everyone making art every day, so we will work with you find an available spot! If you’re interested in reserving a spot in one of our classes, contact us for availability¬†and enrollment.