Save those cardboard boxes! Today for Art at Home, we’ll be using them two ways to create beautiful cardboard mosaics. This project is adaptable for all ages and ability levels and provides a healthy dose of art therapy during an anxiety-filled time. For little kids, parents may need to cut the cardboard tessera if their hands aren’t quite strong enough. For big kids (and grown-ups!) I challenge you to take this idea and RUN with it! I’d love to see some beautifully crafted mosaic portraits, stills lives, and whatever else you can think up! If you enjoy this project, like, comment, and share the fun.

  • A piece of sturdy cardboard, any size will do!

  • Tessera materials (cardboard, paper, magazine clippings, etc.)

  • Scissors

  • Something to color with (tempera paint sticks, crayons, markers, etc.)

  • Glue

  • Pencil (if creating an image)

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