Dancing Crayons Workshop was created in 2017 by owner, Trina Quandt. Within the walls of our mini home-based studio located in Central Los Angeles, we provide art instruction to neighborhood kids in grades K-12 through weekly, in-person and virtual art classes. We also offer summer and school break art camps. 

Every artist, big or small, speaks their own creative language and we consider it our job to  fill each artist’s tool box with the “equipment” they need to express themselves and their ideas with pride and purpose. 

Not only are students introduced a wide variety of art materials and techniques, but also to the masterpieces of artists, past and present. What we learn by considering these artworks, we later apply to the creation of our own original art objects-ones that express each child artist’s unique perspective and style. 

Classes are taught by owner, Trina Quandt, and students are often accompanied by our loyal studio mascot, Albie the Griff.