With my background as both an artist and an educator, teaching art classes out of my studio is sort of my dream job. I received my B.A. in studio art from the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, VA in 2006 with a concentration in sculpture, after which I took an educational break to work as a production coordinator at a graphic design company in my hometown. This experience not only trained me on many of the finer points of running a small business, but also taught me the importance of good design and the fundamentals of computer-based graphic art, an essential skill in our modern art world.

In 2012, I began my graduate program at the College of Saint Rose, in Albany NY. Equal parts personal studio development and educational training, I left this program in 2014 not only with my M.S. in Art Education and my New York State teaching certificate, but also with a greatly developed body of work, primarily in the form of large scale sculptures. You can find images of my artwork here. You’ll also gain insight into my personal philosophy on art making, as well as some examples of my public school art lessons.

In my life outside art, I find great joy in my two kids and ever-supportive husband. A bit of an old soul, I like my home, being in it, taking care of it, filling it with memories. Most nights I’m making dinner in front of the stove, and enjoying it, Walking is my preferred mode of transportation, and you’ll generally see me with my dog and stroller in tow. I’m on a constant mission to remove the unnecessary from my life, to find a simpler place, to have some room in my head for thoughts of my own making. Generally speaking, there isn’t trip I wouldn’t travel if home is there at the end of the day.